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 Welcome to Online JMU Event Management.

Welcome to VirtualEMS 

Please note - We have resolved the issue concerning the Recurrence feature of VirtualEMS. Please use the Recurrence button when requesting multiple days.



How to Check for Space Availability:  Prior to making a request for space for your event, you should check to see if the space is available. From the Browse tab on the top navigation bar, choose Browse for Space. You can view a particular building, by clicking Filter on the right hand side of the page. Choose the building you wish to view from the Facilities pull-down and click Apply. If you wish to view a different date than today, click the calendar icon by the date in the Filter. **PLEASE NOTE** - Some facilities and rooms are departmentally owned and not available for general purpose use.

Online Event Requests:  We require all student organizations to use our online scheduling system, VirtualEMS. All organizations wishing to book space on campus must have a certified Nuts & Bolts representative. To become certified, the representative must take the online training and pass a test to have an account created in EMS.

For additional information on planning your event, please refer to the Event Management Website.

To request a user account, please contact Event Management.